The Cause

2017 Annual Appeal

Endeavour Foundation is a dedicated charity, working with people with a disability to make the most of their individual abilities, whether that is developing life or work skills, trying new activities, finding a job, or connecting with their communities.

Endeavour Foundation's community includes customers, volunteers, and parents. Each has their own story. As, of course, do you. Below you'll find some information on three people who can represent our work for the 2017 Annual Appeal. I hope these three inspire you the way they inspire us. Every donation made by caring people, like you, makes a difference.


Meet Heather

Heather provides support with literacy and numeracy.

"I joined Endeavour Foundation as a volunteer about three years ago. I had been a nurse and a director of hospitals and, after and incredibly busy working life, I looked at all the opportunities available and thought that this was something I'd be interested in.

"I teach people to read and write and it is hugely rewarding. Everyone here is so friendly and so willing to learn and it gives me a lot of pleasure - a lot of satisfaction. I really wanted to give something back to people, rather than just sitting around doing nothing, and from a personal point of view it has really helped me with the transition to retirement," Heather said.


Meet Sam

Sam says that having a job has opened up a wide world of opportunity.

"Working helps me to improve my communication and I like talking to people," he said.

Sam first started working at Endeavour Foundation Industries in 2009.

"My favourite thing about working is that I get to pull stuff apart, like taking the motors out of fans.

"I completed a Cert 1 in Warehousing and Operations this year and learned lots of things I can use at work."

Part of a large team, Sam feels he has grown in ability and confidence.


Meet Diane

Diane's daughter, Rebecca, accesses Endeavour Foundation services.

“When we first had the news that our daughter, Rebecca, was going to have a lot of challenges in her life we didn’t know what the future held for her.

My husband and I had always believed that self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience are such a big part of any child’s development and that was the focus for any pathway we chose for Rebecca.

The education and lifestyle programs she has attended through Endeavour Foundation, and the friends she has made have helped to nurture these traits, teaching her problem-solving strategies and giving Rebecca the confidence to ‘have a go’ in all parts of her life.

She has achieved so much in her young life so far and Endeavour Foundation’s programs have played a very significant part in that. I am very proud of what Rebecca has achieved and look forward to seeing her realise her potential”.