The Cause

Right now, there are thousands of people with a disability accessing Endeavour Foundation services. For the most part, they want what every person wants: to live an independent life and achieve their dreams. Whether that is through catching public transport safely and confidently, opening their own bank account, living out of home, or learning to drive a car.

Just ask John, Andrew, or Julie. John wants to catch a train to visit his friends. Andrew would like to use an ATM. Julie is trying to gain confidence crossing roads. 

For people like John, Andrew, and Julie, learning new things can be difficult and frightening. They are basic needs so often overlooked as part of a learning service. But not at Endeavour Foundation.

Your support will contribute to a revolutionary new program called Wired. Wired aims to bring innovative technology to our customers who are calling out to learn independent living skills. Your donation will fund this technology to actually be developed, so that is it available for the use of all those who wish to learn new life skills.

Your donation allows John, Andrew, and Julie, to achieve their dreams.